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Friends of Hue - Outdoor Switch
Friends of Hue - Three Switch Bundle (Anthracite)
Friends of Hue - One Switch (Anthracite)
Friends of Hue - Three Switch Bundle (Glossy White)
Friends of Hue - One Switch (Glossy White)
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Friends of Hue - Three Switch Bundle (Matte Black)
Friends of Hue - Three Switch Bundle (Matte White)
Friends of Hue - One Switch (Matte White)
Friends of Hue - One Switch (Matte Black)
Friends of Hue

1 Switch Pack

Glossy White
Matte White
Matte Black
Glossy White
Matte White
Matte Black

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The First Friends of Hue Switch for the Outdoors

Seamless control of lights

With the wireless and battery-free Friends of Hue outdoor switch and dimmer by Senic & Gira, you can effortlessly control up to 50 Philips Hue lamps and lights simultaneously. The Philips Hue app lets you set your favourite settings, rooms and lighting scenes. Control Philips Hue at the push of a button - No smartphone required. Our outdoor switch is IP44 rated and also includes special sticky dots for outdoor conditions. The range can automatically be extended by using Philips Hue lighting,  by taking advantage of the Philips Hue Mesh Network. 

Mounting on outdoor surfaces possible using sticky dots or screws

High quality, reliable and durable materials made by Senic & Gira in Germany

Energy harvesting, battery free, wireless technology. No cables and wires needed

Set your outdoor scene by changing all of your lights simultaneously, or by selecting different zones

Durable casing with IP44 protection against water and dust

Battery-less switch

Thanks to energy harvesting technology, the Friends of Hue Switch generates enough power each time it is pressed, so no batteries are needed and the switch never needs to be recharged. This switch does not need to be installed into the electricity mains. The dimmer switch connects directly to the Philips Hue Bridge - no additional Smart Home Hub is needed. 

Made for the outdoors

The Friends of Hue outdoor switch is designed to withstand normal outdoor use, sunlight and rain splashes with an IP44 protection rating. The switch can be placed on outdoor walls using sticky dots (included in packaging) or screws. 

Also works with Homekit

Via the Philips Hue Bridge (v2), you can also use the outdoor switch with any homekit compatible scene or device, including speakers like Sonos or Homepod, outdoor plugs or sprinklers. Play your favorite scene at the simple push of a button.

Apple TV
And More

Read more about how it works in our FoH Homekit Guideline

Extend with indoor switches

The Philips Hue Bridge allows you to connect up to 25 wireless switches. You can add multiple outdoor switches but you can also add one of our indoor switches for the perfect, stress free and simple experience for yourself and your family.

Works with all Hue Devices

The Friends of Hue switch is an officially supported device for the entire Philips Hue universe and can be used for any Hue compatible indoor and outdoor products including the Philips Hue Lily, Outdoor Lightstrip, light bulbs and more.

Product Information


The Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch is a wireless switch that gives everyone at home simple control for your Philips Hue compatible devices. Thanks to energy harvesting technology, you never have to charge the switch – ever. The switch connects directly to the Philips Hue Bridge so no additional hub is required. Up to 25 switches can be added to your set up at any time to extend your smart home control wherever you like. The outdoor switch can be used alongside Senic’s Indoor switches.

The Friends of Hue smart switch can also be used as a Homekit Smart switch through the Philips Hue bridge V2.

What’s in the box

1 Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch with adhesive mounting materials and instructions on how to get started.


In order to use the Friends of Hue Smart Switch, you need the Philips Hue Hub v2. 
An iOS or Android phone/tablet is needed for initial set up using the Philips Hue App.


85mm x 85mm x 18mm
Polycarbonate (inside) + durable, all weather TPE (outside)
Indoor: up to 20m, Free Field: up to 300m
Range Extension
Automatic using Philips Hue light Bulbs
All Philips Hue compatible products & Homekit Devices via Hue Bridge (v2)
Wall Mount
Included weather resistant, adhesive material for smooth, outdoor surfaces

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How do I setup the switch?

Setup is simple. Open the Philips Hue App, click on Settings > Accessories > Add accessory and follow the instructions inside the Philips Hue App. You can find a detailed guide here.

What are the functions of the switch?

The friends of Hue outdoor switch allows you to control individual lights or entire groups (e.g your entire garden). You can turn lights on and off, dim them up and down and set different scenes (e.g. a beautiful mix of red and green in your garden)

Can I use double taps on the switch?

The Philips Hue App currently does not offer double taps. If you want to use this feature and additional features, we recommend to check out 3rd party apps like iconnecthue.

Can I use one switch for multiple groups?

Yes. You can use one switch to control up to two groups. In this case, you can use the left two buttons to control group 1 and the right two buttons to control group 2.

What’s the range of the switch and how can I extend it?

The switches offer a range of up to 20 meters indoors and up to 100 meters outdoors. Range is affected by many factors like temperature or obstructions like walls and trees. You can easily extend the range of the switches. If you use any Philips Hue light between the Philips Hue Bridge and a switch, they will automatically act as range extenders using the Philips Hue Mesh network. You can further extend the range with additional lights.

How many switches can I use?

You can use up to 25 switches with one Philips Hue Bridge. This can be extended by using an additional Philips Hue Bridge.

Can I use your indoor switches in parallel?

Yes. You can mix and match to create the perfect experience inside and outside your home or office.

How do I use the switch with Homekit devices?

Setup is simple. In the first step, you connect the switch to the Philips Hue Bridge using the Philips Hue App. This is the same process for using the switch with Philips Hue App. From here, you can switch to the Homekit App and set up the switch like any Homekit Switch. We’ve also written a detailed guide which you can find here.

How water resistant is the switch?

The switch went through a number of stress tests and is rated at IP44. This means that the switch is suitable for normal outdoor usage like most other outdoor products. You can leave the switch with the side up on a table or mount it on an outdoor wall without problem. Please do not submerge the switch in your pond or leave the switch with the bottom side facing up for a sustained amount of time. You can read more on what IP44 covers and what it doesn’t here

What temperature range can I operate

The switch is officially designed for an operating temperature between -5°C to +45°C and a storage temperature between -25°C and +65°C. Operating the switch outside of the operating temperature range is not covered by our warranty.

How sturdy is the switch?

The switch is made from super sturdy TPE used in the car industry and had to suffer through very tough rain, weather and heat tests. It has also successfully passed a rigorous two year test in the Kalahari Desert. Every switch is made in Germany and hand assembled and tested by our team in Berlin. From us, to you.

What materials can I use the sticky dots on?
How sturdy is the switch?

We use sticky dots made from a material specifically designed for the outdoors. It will work on most materials like a typical outdoor wall, concrete or wood. Houses vary greatly and there might be some materials that are too rough and where sticky dots won’t do the job. In this case we recommend using screws.

How can I mount the switch using screws?

Since different materials require different kinds of screws or dowels, we can not make a one size fits all recommendation. Please choose the right screws for your application. If you’re comfortable with a screwdriver, mounting will be simple.

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